Since a high proportion of SARS-CoV-2 positive patients have no or very inconspicuous symptoms, and symptomatic patients are infectious several days before the onset of symptoms and potentially quite a long time after they have resolved, patients should be considered potentially infectious.

Dentistry is characterized by...

...the production of very powerful aerosols from rotating instruments with air or air/water cooling.

The cloud of micro-droplets...

...which is then created is contaminated by the microflora of the patient's mouth and upper respiratory tract.

Oropharyngeal microflora ...

...of the unmasked patient during treatment, is powerfully dispersed outside by dental treatments.

Dental aerosols...

...create splashes with particles >50µm, which have a behavior that can be qualified as "ballistic" and will directly pollute the surfaces facing the patient (unit platform, floor) over a distance of 0,5 to 2 meters.

This aerosolization...

...heavily contaminated with oropharyngeal microflora also produces a cloud of micro-droplets <1µm, which remain suspended in the air and can potentially enter the lungs directly.

In dental offices,...

...once an aerosol has been produced in a coronavirus positive patient, the air in the room can be potentially infectious for staff and the next patient for up to three hours.

In order to reduce the risk of contamination, major efforts must therefore be made to block the spread of aerosols during care in the unit and on nursing or assisting staff.


BrumiProtect create effective, simple and inexpensive protection against the transfer of contaminants, in particular infectious agents, from one patient to another within a healthcare practice.



Installation of BrumiProtect and its wall above the patient's head.



BrumiProtect limits the scattering of infectious materials from a patient in care.



BrumiProtect collects the particles in suspension within the volume by suction.


Reduced aerosol formation

High power suction during aerosol creation procedures can significantly reduce aerosol strength by up to 90%.


Reduction of air contamination

Air drawn in by the high-speed suction system to reduce the spread of potentially infectious aerosols can be discharged elsewhere by the suction machine. Carefully check the architecture of your installation!

Speed ​​of implementation

BrumiProtect can be assembled once in a few minutes

Easy to handle

BrumiProtect can easily be moved and adjusted at will

Proven effectiveness

BrumiProtect blocks the dispersion of aerosolization within the treatment room or the practice

Guaranteed profit

BrumiProtect saves you disinfection time between 2 patients

Solid manufacturing

BrumiProtect is produced in France with specific health equipment constraints

Controlled cost

BrumiProtect is produced after the first pre-orders. So talk to your colleagues!



“WHO suggests avoiding or minimizing all aerosol-generating procedures,” Dr Benoît Varenne from the WHO Oral Health Program

So what are you waiting for to protect yourself, your employees and your patients?


Need more information? Discover the technical data of BrumiProtect to find out more. We use the most suitable materials for your practice and your practice.







They're already talking about it !

Some dentists have had the chance to test BrumiProtect before offering it to you. It is thanks to them that we have been able to develop the protection of your practice against aerosolization. We give them the floor.


Very promising and very helpful first prototype. Recommendations on the size to reduce and the ergonomics to improve. Otherwise, it will be a very interesting tool in the cabinet.
Dr G. near Lyon, FRANCE


Having seen the first version and now able to test the second prototype, BrumiProtect is very successful and functional. It is an indisputable time saver between patients.
Dr A. near Bayonne, FRANCE



You have questions...? We bring you the answers. Feel free to ask your questions before pre-ordering BrumiProtect.

Availability of BrumiProtect?

BrumiProtect will be available at your office from November 2020 as soon as a minimum of pre-orders have been placed. You can be notified by email of the start of availability.

Washing surfaces?

BrumiProtect is made of washable materials that can be disinfected with all the products dedicated to your practice. His wall is removable, interchangeable and washable.

Changing the wall?

The wall is easily detached to be interchanged between 2 patients. BrumiProtect is delivered with several walls and you can order others according to your needs.

What if I am not satisfied?

Once your pre-order has been placed, you can cancel it as long as you haven't received it. Upon receipt, you will have 15 days to change your mind and return the complete BrumiProtect to us in its original packaging.

Price for multiple purchases

Depending on your needs, we will offer you a price for your care center. You only pay a deposit with the order and the negotiated price will be established after contact and assessment of your needs.

Standard suction system?

You can use BrumiProtect as a simple protection against aerosol spray projections during treatment or with the wall and the connection of the secondary suction of the chair.


Here is the story of the creation of BrumiProtect and its future developments

November 2020


Shipping and delivery of first BrumiProtect orders

September 2020

Pre-orders !

BrumiProtect pre-orders opening

August 2020

In-office tests

Second waves of conclusive trials with patients and chair suction

July 2020

Second prototype

Development of the second prototype with improved design, ergonomics and suction

June 2020


First full-scale tests with suction and patient in the chair

June 2020

First prototype

Creation of the first prototype

May 2020


Reopening of dental offices with a very time-consuming disinfection protocol between patients

April 2020


BrumiProtect patent filing

March 2020


Closure of dental offices

A question ?